WEBINAR: "4 Ways to Increase Revenue Planning Accuracy"
Presented by: Empower Analytics

Presented by: Empower Analytics


April 17th, 2018

11:00 AM EDT

  • Demonstrate leading revenue strategies
  • Deploy revenue models across your organization
  • Common pitfalls
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In planning and forecasting, setting top-line revenue targets is often the first and most critical step to get correct. In this webinar, we will explore various revenue models and best practices for arriving at accurate and timely revenue forecasts. 

We will also discuss:

  • Leveraging sales pipeline data to drive a plan or forecast with new and changing assumptions for valuing sales pipeline figures.
  • Utilizing large datasets of SKU level volume, sales price, and COGS values to review detailed actuals and build a baseline for monthly forecasts.
  • Visualize the various ways we can use actuals or previously built budgets to update and review both top-down and bottoms up revenue forecasts.
  • Version Control: Using version management, we allow users to quickly compare and contrast budget versions to determine which numbers make the most sense.
  • Showcase Jedox’s ability to import and consolidate revenue and supporting data from separate systems, allowing you to refresh your data on demand.

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Your hosts for this webinar session:

Founder, Empower Analytics


Dir. of Consulting Services, Empower Analytics

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