Experience the new generation of Jedox Software

Modern planning and performance management solutions can offer you a new level of user experience and ease of use while providing advanced integrated planning and collaboration functionality. Plus, you can expect a short time-to-value due to superior ease of configuration and deployment.

Meet Jedox 7 – The Kickstarter for Integrated Planning

Jedox 7 is the latest release of our innovative, Excel-optimized software platform for planning, analysis and reporting on the web, mobile and desktop. Jedox 7 comes with the all-new Jedox Models - predefined, configurable planning applications that offer a fast start and a solid foundation for building your individual integrated planning and performance management solution.

Experience Jedox 7 live in this Webinar:


January 24th, 2017
2:00 PM - 02:45 PM (EST)

  • Fast Start: With Jedox Models you can move quickly from prototyping to a fully implemented planning application
  • Smart data modeling: How innovative tools speed up modeling
  • Self-Service for end-users: New levels of ease-of-use for web, mobile and desktop
  • Powerful application development: Use your Excel knowledge to build large, complex models with many concurrent users
  • Intuitive visualization and reporting: Central tools to build reports to corporate design standards
  • Performance and security: How Jedox 7 addresses advanced requirements for cloud and on-premises deployments